Sunset Overdrive           unfilmable game

Online Content

Sunset Overdrive is a game that defies all gaming conventions so it only made sense to defy those very conventions to advertise the game. An all too common formula for game marketing is to create a live action trailer, but Sunset Overdrive is impossible to recreate in real life. But we decided to show what happens if we tried to make a live action trailer anyway. Let's just say things got interesting.




Gears of War                          Gears Ink

Online Content

Few franchises can boast the devotion of Gears of War. Other franchises may have more fans if the measure is total sales, but when it comes to visible devotion, nothing can match the passion displayed by fans who tattoo the logos, the weapons and Marcus Fenix himself permanently onto their skin.

The original Gears of War was released nine years ago, and given how tattoos fade over time, we knew there were many worn-looking pieces in need of a touch up. So, much like the game has been remastered, we’ve remastered the tattoos of Gears fans.



Forza Motorsport 5            Film/speed

Television & Online Content

Using a Phantom Flex attached to McLaren 12C driving at 120 mph around the track, we brought to life 680 individual frames of Forza Motorsport 5 game footage.

Natural Defense


Natural Defense is filled with all the nutrition dogs need, making it the food dogs would make for themselves if dogs could make dog food.




Our goal was to encourage people to stop buying puppies online because those puppies are often from puppy mills. We wanted to pull back the veil of buying online with the truth in a way that didn't make people feel crappy or guilty.



Online Content

There is nothing more awesome than sharing joy with those around you. Nothing except maybe the addition of 500 cans of Reddi-wip and an unexpected surprise.

California Lottery

Online Content


Instead of visualizing all the crazy things lottery winning can buy you, we wanted to find out from actual people what they would do if they won. So we asked them and visualized the answers as various infographics. One graphic tracked the words used most frequently and the word used most is "help." The results flipped the notion of the lottery being a selfish indulgence into quite the opposite.

CSN California


On an extremely limited budget, CSN California wanted to promote key San Jose Sharks games so we explained (in great detail) why the Sharks are the ruler amongst the rest of the NHL namesakes. This project was a great excuse to pretend it is acceptable to talk about hockey in excess as though it's totally normal behavior.


Bikes of San Francisco


A poster created for the 2010 ARTCRANK bike poster party. If you like San Francisco, bikes, humor and posters, CLICK HERE to buy one all of your own.




I love a good joke. I especially love a nerdy, design joke. My friends who own Old Tom Foolery convinced me that my typestache joke was one worth sharing. CLICK HERE to get one of your very own.


United States Maps


Hawaii and Alaska seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to US cartography. On most US maps, the 49th and 50th state float haphazardly somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, if they are fortunate enough to make it on the map at all. And about 0% of the time are they drawn to scale. This project gives the states the cartographic representation they deserve.


Odd Animals


It doesn't make sense, but it looks bananas.


A+T Invitations


It's near impossible for an art director to design his or her own wedding invitations, which it means it is impossible for an art director couple to design their own invitations. By some magical force or lapse in the time-space continuum, two art directors created their own wedding invitations and lived happily ever after. Photos by A Fist Full of Bolts.


A+J Invitations


Annie and Jake married in Guerneville's Dawn Ranch. Photos by Kate Harrison.


I am an art director currently living in San Francisco. I fancy flowers, plants, United States geography, the National Hockey League, spelling out acronyms, and having an extremely tidy workspace.

My work has been awarded by D&AD, Cannes Lions, One Show and featured by Communications Arts, Laughing Squid, Huffington Post, Thrillist, Fast Company, Gizmodo, Design*Sponge, boingboing, and Daily

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